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Chef Knife Cases & Wallets

For Safety, security and organisation a good chef knife case or wallet is essential. Hewats of Edinburgh stock a wide range to suit your requirements and budget.

Canvas Knife Wallets   Canvas Knife Wallet 20cm 13 Pockets  
Canvas Knife Wallets
DZ42Price:£15.00 ex VAT
(£18.00 inc VAT)
D701Price:£12.50 ex VAT
(£15.00 inc VAT)
KWLT14Price:£10.83 ex VAT
(£13.00 inc VAT)
Practical, inexpensive knife wallets to keep...
Canvas Knife Wallet 20cm 13 Pockets
KC166Price:£16.25 ex VAT
(£19.50 inc VAT)
Large heavy duty cotton knife wallet.

20cm cooks knives
13 pockets
68 x 65cm

***Please note - Knives and utensils are not included***
7 Pocket Folio Style Knife Case   10 Pocket Knife Case   Vogue Nylon Knife Case 16 Pockets
7 Pocket Folio Style Knife Case
KCASE7Price:£21.67 ex VAT
(£26.00 inc VAT)
Very smart 7 pocket knife case in zip closing folder style with hard sides for protection

10 Pocket Knife Case
KCASE10Price:£21.67 ex VAT
(£26.00 inc VAT)
Combining the best features of a wallet and a case, this zip closing 10 pocket knife wallet also...
Vogue Nylon Knife Case 16 Pockets
Y731Price:£33.33 ex VAT
(£40.00 inc VAT)
Transport and store knives safely with this knife case from Vogue. Constructed from a high-quality nylon material and...

VAT inclusive prices are shown in brackets

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