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Theatre Scrubs, Disposable Masks, Gloves, Caps & Overshoes, Protective Eyewear

Reversible Scrub Vest   Reversible Scrub Trousers  
Reversible Scrub Vest
1810From£20.42 ex VAT
(£20.42 inc VAT)
1820From£20.42 ex VAT
(£20.42 inc VAT)
Reversible scrub top in Trend Blend 50/50 poly/cotton that is always the right side out after laundering, double stitched for strength, with round...
Reversible Scrub Trousers
1840From£17.92 ex VAT
(£17.92 inc VAT)
1850From£17.92 ex VAT
(£17.92 inc VAT)
Reversible Trend Blend scrub trousers with tubular knit drawstring and no fly to eliminate gaping.

Colours: ciel blue, jade; sizes: S, M, L, XL,...
Clear Safety Specs   Wraparound Safety Specs   Wide Vision Safety Specs
Clear Safety Specs
293144Price:£4.17 ex VAT
(£5.00 inc VAT)
Polycarbonate wraparound design with vented sides conforming to EN166 1.F - simple, effective, lightweight, protective
Wraparound Safety Specs
293221Price:£5.00 ex VAT
(£6.00 inc VAT)
Lightweight modern wraparound design in clear polycarbonate conforming to EN166 1.F
Wide Vision Safety Specs
293154Price:£6.67 ex VAT
(£8.00 inc VAT)
Practical, versatile design with scratch resistant clear lens, side panels, brow guard and adjustable arms for maximum comfort, functionality and protection; handily fits over most prescription...
Bolle Mamba Safety Specs   Bolle Splash Safety Glasses  
Bolle Mamba Safety Specs
292919Price:£10.00 ex VAT
(£12.00 inc VAT)
Lightweight, close fitting wrap design with non-slip bridge; scratch resistant anti-mist clear lens with 9 dioptre base curve for fantastic field of vision and great comfort and fit; conforms to...
Bolle Splash Safety Glasses
292925Price:£9.25 ex VAT
(£9.25 inc VAT)
CONFORMS TO EN 166 1F. Highly wrap-around and attractive, they guarantee maximum safety for all. The protection Filters ultraviolet radiation. The anti-fog coating allows you to work in optimal conditions by removing the effect of condensation.
Disposable Gloves 10 pair pack   Disposable Hygienewear   Hand Sanitiser Gel 25ml Pocket Size
Disposable Gloves 10 pair pack
20000Price:£5.00 ex VAT
(£5.00 inc VAT)
Disposable gloves - in a choice of powder free Latex or for those with an allergy to latex examination grade powder free Blue Nitrile

Packs of 10 pairs

Available is assorted sizes
Disposable Hygienewear
0077FFrom£15.00 ex VAT
(£15.00 inc VAT)
0078FFrom£15.00 ex VAT
(£15.00 inc VAT)
DG15Price:£2.95 ex VAT
(£2.95 inc VAT)
149003Price:£4.25 ex VAT
(£4.25 inc VAT)
343230Price:£5.83 ex VAT
(£5.83 inc VAT)
PC208From£6.66 ex VAT
(£6.66 inc VAT)
Disposable gloves - in a choice of powder free latex, lightly powdered vinyl for those with an allergy to latex, and examination grade powder free nitrile, along with caps, overshoes, bib aprons and...
Hand Sanitiser Gel 25ml Pocket Size
S1000Price:£2.50 ex VAT
(£2.50 inc VAT)
Hand Sanitiser Gel 25ml Pocket Size
70% Alcohol. Kills Germs and Odours without Water

Active ingredients: Aqua (De-ionised water), Carbomer Triethanolamine, Isopropyl Alcohol Ethyl Alcohol, Glycerine, Proplene glycol, PEG-40, Hydrogenated Castor...
Surgical Face Masks Travel packs BACK IN STOCK and
(boxes only available from June)
Please note due to hygiene and contamination reasons we are unable to accept returns of medical clothing or disposable products.

Washable AntiBac Face Mask   Anti-Bac Reusable Face Mask   Facesheild Clear
Washable AntiBac Face Mask
7576From£8.00 ex VAT
(£8.00 inc VAT)
7576PPrice:£60.00 ex VAT
(£60.00 inc VAT)
Anti-Bacterial Face Mask provides effective face and mouth protection, helping to prevent infection from unwanted airborne micro-organisms.
Cotton. Hand Wash only (Soak in Warm Water with detergent for 30 mins) Can be reused up to 20 times

Anti-Bac Reusable Face Mask
PR799From£4.00 ex VAT
(£4.00 inc VAT)
Lightweight Anti-Bacterial Face Mask increases safety and reduces irritation to nose, mouth and chin. Lightweight mesh wicks away moisture and allows air circulation. Universal size with flexibility.
90% Cotton. Hand Wash only. (Soak in warm water...
Facesheild Clear
43294Price:£8.00 ex VAT
(£8.00 inc VAT)
Faceshield Clear. Covid Face Screen
FFP2 Fold Flat Face Mask   Surgical Face Mask   Surgical & FFP2 Masks - Travel pack
FFP2 Fold Flat Face Mask
SS4020.Price:£4.00 ex VAT
(£4.00 inc VAT)
SS4020BPrice:£60.00 ex VAT
(£60.00 inc VAT)
FFP2 fold flat respirator mask. Protection against fine dust, water-based mists and metal fumes. Two panel design for improved comfort. Odourless, non-irritating and non-allergic.

Available in White only

Sold individually or
boxes of 20 @...
Surgical Face Mask
15550.Price:£10.00 ex VAT
(£10.00 inc VAT)
15550BPrice:£30.00 ex VAT
(£30.00 inc VAT)
Available in Travel Packs of 10 or boxes of 50

Universal standard facemask with ties, giving basic protection for medical staff when exposure to blood or body fluids is not a concern

One size...
Surgical & FFP2 Masks - Travel pack
15500Price:£ not avail
Disposable Mask Travel Pack comprising:

10 x Surgical Face Mask (with High Filtration) and
1 x FFP2 Cone Respirator Mask (Higher Grade - grade 2)

Packs are 15.00

**While Stocks Last**

3 Ply Surgical Face Mask   DRP2 FFP2 Cone Respirator Mask  
3 Ply Surgical Face Mask
BPBMASK.Price:£ not avail
BPBMASKPKPrice:£ not avail
BPBMASK is a 3-layer type IIR disposable surgical mask equipped with adjustable nose clip and ear elastics that guarantees basic nose and mouth basic protection from external agents such as dust, pollen and bacteria.

Available in Boxes of 50 @ 50.00 per box and
DRP2 FFP2 Cone Respirator Mask
73004PPrice:£ not avail
FFP Disposable Respirator P2 Dust Masks - Pack of 5

Two Point Strap and adjustable Nose Clip for optimum fit.

Foam Nose Piece for extra comfort

These masks are an excellent fit and very comfortable to wear. Conforms to EN149:2001
FFP3 Fold Flat Valved Mask   FFP2 Cone Moulded Mask  
FFP3 Fold Flat Valved Mask
73005.Price:£ not avail
73005SPrice:£ not avail
***Please note: Maximum 3 boxes per order***

Disposable filtering half mask that gives protection to EN149: 2001 FFP3 standard against high...
FFP2 Cone Moulded Mask
73003.Price:£ not avail
73003SPrice:£ not avail
Disposable filtering cone moulded mask that gives protection against low to average toxicity solid and liquid aerosols.

-Contour fit...
FFP3 Filtering Disp Half Mask   White Safety Wellington  
FFP3 Filtering Disp Half Mask
292424.Price:£ not avail
292424SPrice:£ not avail
***Single masks only available while stocks last***

Honeywell 2000 Series 2311 FFP3V Fold Flat Valved Respirator

White Safety Wellington
SRC05From£19.99 ex VAT
(£19.99 inc VAT)
White PVC nitrile anti-static safety wellington with steel toe to EN20345, oil- and acid-resistant SRC slip-resistant sole, and energy-absorbing heel

Colour: white
Sizes: 3 - 11


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